Electric smokers are the Rodney Dangerfield of smokers. They just don't get any respect. I hate to say but I really was not a fan till this year. My issue was I could not get the satisfaction of having a lid to open and looking down and fussing with the meats. The electric smokers are more like smoking in a small refrigerator. The new ones have windows and the smoker is more like load it up and let it do all the work. Now my biggest complaint is now their greatest strength.

Yesterday it was 18 degrees and my wife wanted to do carnitas tacos (they are so good) for her book club. The problem, it was 18 degrees and the smokers are OUTSIDE. So normally I use my pellet smoker and have to make sure it had enough pellets and also that it is maintaining temperature. Then there is just the normal checking that everything is OK. Well this time I put the meat into the electric smoker, set the temperature for 275 , added some Alder wood, water in the water pan and walked right back into the house for six hours.

The unit I have has a Bluetooth remote so I could monitor the temperature from the remote. Could even change the temperature without leaving the house. No pellets to add and the temperature held at 275 for the six hours I smoked the Boston Butt. There is no better WINTER smoker than an electric one. Plus they hold a lot of meat and are really not expensive.

If you need a second smoker this is the one to get. We also use the smoker as a second oven during the holidays. My wife has even cooked pies in it just remember you do not need to add wood for the pies.