Spareribs With Mustard Sauce

This is a South Carolina recipe that dates back about 250 years. If you want to see how the Germans settlers in Southern Carolina did BBQ, this is it.


10 lb Spareribs

1 cup Salt

1 cup Cummin

1 cup Black Pepper

1/3 cup Cayenne Pepper

1/3 cup Minced Garlic

1 cup Brown Sugar

1/3 cup Ground Horseradish

1/3 cup Yellow Mustard

1/4 cup White Wine1 cup Honey


Dry Rub Seasonings: Combine salt, cumin, black pepper and cayenne pepper and mix well.

Rub over entire surface of the spareribs.

Creole Mustard: Combine horseradish, yellow mustard and white wine. This will keep refrigerated for several months.

Mustard Sauce: Combine minced garlic, brown sugar, and Creole Mustard in a bowl and mix well.

Prepare grill for indirect cooking. If you using a grill or smoker set temperature to 250 degrees.

Grill or smoke ribs bone side down, glazing with mustard sauce as it cooks.

After cooking for two hours remove ribs and wrap in foil making sure you baste the ribs with the mustard sauce.

Then cook the ribs for two more hours.

Remove foil and put back on the cooking grill and then glaze ribs with the honey and cook for about 15 more minutes.

At this time the ribs should be done.

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One of the Great Ones
  · 9 months ago.
250 years old and it is still one of the best ways to cook ribs. I much prefer the Carolina way of BBQ.
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