Sous Vide BBQ Pulled Pork – Keto – LCHF

sous bide bbq pulled pork
sous bide bbq pulled pork

Sous Vide BBQ Pulled Pork - Keto - LCHF

This recipe incorporates sous vide cooking with BBQ smoking. The rub is very easy to do and simplifies the preparation process. I promise you this will be the most tender and moist pulled pork you can ever make.
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Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Sous Vide
Keyword: sous vide, sous vide bbq, sous vide pulled pork
Prep Time: 1 hour
Cook Time: 22 hours 59 minutes
Total Time: 23 hours 59 minutes
Servings: 8
Calories: 690kcal
Author: Wiley


  • Pulled pork comes from the pork shoulder or Boston butt. This part of the pig has both fat and a lot of connective tissue.
    pig diagram

The Rub

  • First step, we will start with the rub. This is simple but very affective rub when doing a sous vide cook. One cup of Montreal Steak Seasoning. One quarter cup of Garlic Salt. Two tablespoons of Cumin. And two tablespoons of dry mustard.
    rub ingredients
  • Mix well in a mixing bowl and try to remember that we need the salt well distributed through the rub. The salt will act like a dry brine helping to not only season the pork but also tenderize it as the pork cooks.
    mix rub

Prepare for the Cook

  • Now go find the ugliest broiler pan you can find. Empty roast into pan keeping the juices from the bag. I roll the roast in the juices so the when I apply the rub the rub will stick to the roast Apply the rub to every inch of the roast. Make sure you use every bit of the rub for you need all the salt so the roast can tenderize.
  • Now here comes the real challenge. How do you get an 8-pound roast into an 11-inch wide bag? Put roast into vacuum bag without rubbing off the rub. This part is important for the bag end has to be clean so you can use the vacuum seal. Also if you have any rub left just put it into the bag.
    put in bag
  • Make sure the sealer is set in liquid or moist mode depending on your unit. Now vacuum seal the roast in the bag.
    seal roast in sous vide bag
  • I always double seal the bag at both ends when using larger pieces of meat. I have never had a bag failure when doing a double seal.
    double seal

Sous Vide Cook

  • Now it is into the bath at 165F for 24 hours.
    pulled port in sous vide bath
  • 24 hours later remove from bath and make sure you have a half size foil pan ready. Now carefully drain juices into the pan and then remove roast from the bag. You will need some of these juices when it comes to shredding the pork Now go get another foil tray and transfer the roast over. Remember to save the juices.
    remove from bag
  • Now it is time to pat down and dry the surface of the roast. I then sprinkle some more Montreal steak Seasoning. This will allow the roast to develop a crust or bark as we say in BBQ.
    pat down pork

The Smoke and Bark

  • Goes into the smoker or grill setup up for indirect cooking at 225F for 2 hours.
    in smoker

The Shred

  • As you can see it has a great bark. Also, it is extremely tender. I could have just used my hand to pull it apart. If you have ever done pulled pork you will know that it does not get any better than this. Not only is it tender but all the excess fat has rendered into the meat or meat juices that we saved.
  • First pass I use the big claws to break the roast into large pieces.
  • Now It is time to add some of the juice back. This is personal preference but I did add some apple cider vinegar and mustard to the juices.
  • Now the final pass and this time you use two forks and shredded it to your liking. Pulled pork is great in sandwiches, with eggs, in enchiladas, burritos and if you add onions and green salsa one of my favorites and that is carnitas.



Calories: 690kcal
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