Sous Vide BBQ Pork Loin with Adobo – Keto – LCHF

sous vide bbq pork loin
sous vide bbq pork loin

Sous Vide BBQ Pork Loin with Adobo - Keto - LCHF

Sous vide bbq pork loin. This is an easy Sous Vide BBQ recipe that incorporates Adobo seasoning. It also is only 6 hours total including prep and cooking time. There is an up to 12 hours dry brining that is optional but will make your pork loin even more favorable and tender.
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CourseMain Course
CuisineSous Vide
Keywordbarbecue pork loin, pork loin, sous vide
Prep Time30 minutes
Cook Time5 hours 30 minutes
Total Time6 hours


  • The pork loin is the area between the shoulder and the back legs of the pig. This meat is very lean and is also the most tender part of the hog. This pork loin was just under six pounds.
    pig loin
  • We will be using an adobo seasoning and besides the fact that it adds a lot of flavor it will also help tenderize the meat by acting as a dry brine. The one I'm using today is from Lowry's and this one also includes pepper. They also have a version without pepper if the pepper is an issue.
    adobo seasoning
  • Get a container. I like using a glass 15-inch by 10-inch rectangular baking dish. Put the seasoned loin into the dish. When seasoning make sure you cover every inch of the pork loin. The salt in the adobo seasoning will play a second role besides taste by acting as a dry brine. Adobo or Adobar in Spanish means marinade, sauce or seasoning. Adobo was employed initially as a method for food preservation but now its primary purpose is just to add a lot of great flavor to your meat. Now put the dish into the refrigerator for up to 12 hours so the loin can get the benefit of the Dry Brine.
    dry brine
  • So what is a Dry Brine? This is when the salt draws out the juices in the meat through osmosis. Next, the salt dissolves into these juices essentially turning into a wet brine even though there isn't any embedded liquid. And finally, this brine is reabsorbed into the meat and starts breaking down tough muscle proteins resulting in a juicy, tender, seasoned meat.
    dry brine
  • Now is the time to put the loin into a vacuum sealed bag using your vacuum sealer. Remove all the air from the bag and seal. if you plan on doing a lot of sous-vide cooking I highly recommend you buy one of these units. The model I bought was well under $100 and it is great for managing your food.
    vacuum sealed pork loin
  • I always double seal each end of the bag just to make sure we get no leaks.
    double seal bag
  • Now it is time for the bath preheat sous-vide bath to 137 degrees Fahrenheit put the pork loin into the bath and then cook pork loin for four hours.
    put into sous vide bath
  • Remove loin from the cooking bag and pat dry the loin with paper towels.
    pat dry pork loin
  • Preheat your smoker or barbecue grill to 275 degrees Fahrenheit if you're using a grill please set up for indirect cooking. Smoke the pork loin for one and a half hours.
    put pork loin into smoker
  • The outcome of this type of cooking gives you the best of both worlds. The meat will be extremely tender and moist. Also, the smoker will add just the right amount of bark, texture, and color.
    finished pork loin



Calories: 649kcal