Huge Black Sunday (Week) GoSun Sale

Huge Savings on ALL GoSun Products You heard of Black Friday Sales well this Sale is for over a Week. Pricing is only good till November 30, 2018.

GOSUN GO – $139 – $99
GOSUN SPORT – $279 – $179
GOSUN SPORT PRO PACK – $359 – $249
GOSUN GRILL – $699 – $599

The GoSun Go is the perfect Christmas gift for the adventurous hiker, hunter or fisherman that wants a hot meat or just wants to make sure their drinking water is safe. At $99 it is really a steal.


The GoSun Sport just like the Go is portable (Only weighs 7 pounds) but is also capable of feeding a small group of people. Perfect for a picnic, road trip or as that ultimate boondocking experience in your RV or boat. At $179 you save $100 over MSRP.


Bake, boil or steam a meal for eight people, (4x more food than the GoSun Sport) using only the sun. The product is on Backorder but if you are willing to wait till December the savings is huge. Normally sells for $699 but if you buy now you can get it for $599.

In addition to these great solar cookers, ALL accessories are 25% off but only through November 30, 2018.

This is a once a year opportunity for huge savings on the best solar cookers in the world.

GoSun To Provide 1,500 Solar Cookers to Support American Red Cross

Relief Efforts in Response to Typhoon Yutu in the South Pacific

GoSun, the world’s leading solar cooking brand, will provide 1,500 of their GoSun Sport portable solar ovens to the American Red Cross to support relief efforts in the aftermath of Super-Typhoon “Yutu”. Yutu struck the U.S. Territories of the North Mariana Islands on Friday, October 26. The durable, portable eight-pound device cooks a wide variety of foods, anywhere under any conditions, fueled solely by Continue reading “GoSun To Provide 1,500 Solar Cookers to Support American Red Cross”

GoSun Solar Cooking Products – Get 10% off your Total Order

gosun grill

GoSun Solar Cooking Products

This is a great incentive to try Solar Cooking. 10% off your Total Order and that is even if you buy a product already on sale. A good example is the GoSun Grill is normally $699. Today it is on Sale for $599 but if you use our Promo Code you get an additional 10% off.

So go check out the complete product line consisting of the Sport, Go, and the truly amazing GoSun Grill. The Grill that can feed eight people or more.

Go to our GoSun Shop and as long as you Continue reading “GoSun Solar Cooking Products – Get 10% off your Total Order”

Solar BBQ – How to Cook Barbecue without Charcoal, Gas, Pellets or Electricity

I love Barbecue

I Love Barbecue. At home, at a campground, at a picnic or anywhere you can enjoy the outdoors and have well-prepared BBQ food. The problem is the moment you leave your backyard so you can enjoy the great outdoors you have to start hauling grills, charcoal, gas cylinders or even a generator so you can cook anything. Continue reading “Solar BBQ – How to Cook Barbecue without Charcoal, Gas, Pellets or Electricity”