Adobo Chicken Thighs with Garlic Jalapeno Seasoning on the GMG Daniel Boone Grill

chicken thighs
chicken thighs

Adobo Chicken Thighs with Garlic Jalapeno Seasoning on the GMG Daniel Boone Grill

I will be cooking adobo chicken thighs with garlic and jalapeno seasoning.
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CourseMain Course
Keywordchicken thighs, daniel boone, garlic jalapeno, gmg
Prep Time20 minutes
Cook Time45 minutes
Total Time1 hour 5 minutes


  • When cooking thighs for competition or just having the neighbors over the skin can either make or break the cook. If undercooked the skin is rubbery and if burnt well it is burnt. You can see as I prepare these thighs I pull the skin back over the meat and get rid of any folds or gaps.
    chicken thighs
  • We will be applying two seasonings. The first is Adobo with pepper. The adobo seasoning first ingredient is salt and we want to make sure the chicken skin is fully covered.
    adobo seasoning chicken thighs
  • The second seasoning is garlic jalapeno and has a bite so add based on your tolerance to spicy foods.
    garlic jalapeno chicken thighs
  • Now it is off to the refrigerator to sit uncovered for 6 hours.
    in refrigerator
  • Get a Frogmat and position the thighs evenly on the mat. The reason the chicken sat for six hour is the salt acted as a dry brine and also dried the chicken skin.
  • Now it is off to the 425F preheated Daniel Boone Grill. Position the chicken right in the middle of the grate.
    preheat 425F
  • After 30 minutes start checking for doneness. The minimum temperature has to be 165F. I usually pull the chicken when all pieces are at least 170F to 175F.
    check temperature
  • The chicken is done. The skin is crisp and not rubbery and it is also a nice golden brown. Now some observations about the Daniel Boone Grill. It held the 425F temperature extremely well. Also the chicken cooked very evenly meaning there no hot or cools spots inside the chamber. For this hot and fast cook I give it very high marks.
    remove chicken
  • Now on to the finished chicken.
    prepare to cut chicken
  • The skin was crisp and the meat was cooked through but very juicy. The adobo with garlic gave it a lot of extra flavor and the jalapeno gave it a nice kick. Here I just eat the skin and it was really good.
    eat skin
  • Overall I gave it one big thumbs up.
    thumbs up
  • As I just keep on eating let close with the three things that made this a great cook. Great seasoning and drying the skin in the refrigerator. Cooking hot at 425F and last a great grill like the Daniel Boone.
    second bite



Calories: 260kcal