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This site is dedicated to show you the basics of BBQ and also allow you to take your BBQ skills to the next level.

As an authority site and cooking school, we try to educate and get you information about BBQ that you might not get anywhere else. Here are the sections that you might find interesting.


Probably have heard of Kansas City BBQ or Texas BBQ but there are two other styles and the main reason so many people like BBQ. Check out this section so you can show how intelligent you are at your next BBQ party.


If you are new to BBQ then check out the basics. This will give you the foundation needed so you can fully enjoy the BBQ experience. Also in these sections, we will cover the basics products that we highly recommend. These include gloves, thermometers, foil, and other requirements if you want to be successful in cooking on a grill or smoker.


Ever try and watch a recipe video while barbecuing? Another thing that really made me crazy was trying to find a recipe that I can actually use. When trying to print out the recipe only to have half the page be full of ads or take 10 pages because it is not formatted properly.

All of the recipes on this site are formatted to be easily read and all have a PDF version that can be printed and read while cooking. Also works very well with a tablet if you have a stand to hold it. One recommendation do not use your phone for this. Fire and phones do not mix.

We also went out of our way to document recipes that you might not find on other sites. Like Johnny Trigg’s famous method for ribs recipe or Myron Mixon cupcake pan chicken recipe.


We have articles and posts that are just about on everything BBQ. How to use cooking utensils, using wine, preparing fish for storage, cooking outdoors in the winter, design an outdoor BBQ kitchen and more.


Need a new BBQ or just a pair of BBQ gloves? What about everything else you might need to make your BBQing the best experience you can have. All all items have been researched and in many cases personally used by us. We offer links to all products through Amazon so you can see the reviews and do your own comparison.


BBQ books are now making the New York Times best selling list. Also, they are more than just cookbooks. MY collection grows on a monthly basis and if you enjoy cooking BBQ or just want to know more about this cooking art these books will do the trick. So you know if I did not like the book I will not list it.

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