Bullseye Pellet Grill from Rec Tec – First Look

rectec bullseye pellet grill

So why the Bullseye

Got my Bullseye pellet grill yesterday and did assembly and seasoned it. I have had my RecTed RT 680 for four years and I love it doing all things low and slow. The area that it seems to lack was getting hot enough to do a really good sear. It is one reason why I kept my big Weber gas grill. In trying to address the issue of high-temperature grilling RecTec designed and built the Bullseye pellet grill.

First, it looks more like a Weber Kettle for it is round. It has very basic controls and they are all manual. Turn on ignitor, turn on fan and one that adjust the heat by controlling the feed of pellets. The firebox where the pellets burn is much larger than my RT 680 pellet smoker. The larger size allows the grill to reach temperature faster and allows it to get even hotter.

First look results

After assembly (took about 30 minutes to assemble), they ask you to season the grill. You turn it on at maximum temperature and let it run for one hour. I monitored the temperature. Within 9 minutes it had reached 500F. Within 15 minutes it was at its max and that was 646F and that was air temperature (ambient) under the lid. I am sure the temperature right at the cooking grill was much higher.

One thing you notice with this unit are the flames can be seen when you open the lid. Also, the radiant heat is huge. The two-second test,  If you can hold your hand about 8 inches above the grill for 2 seconds, that’s High heat. If you can hold your hand about 8 inches above the grill for 6-8 seconds that’s medium or low heat. Well, 2 seconds was about all I could handle so it was hot.

I have ordered an infrared thermometer so I can see how hot the cooking grill gets. A full review will be done this weekend and the plan is to do about 14 videos and blog posts featuring the Bullseye in action.

My first look at this grill is very promising.

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