Umami Barbecue – Pulled Pork

Umami Barbecue – Pulled Pork

Umami Barbecue Pulled Pork is the first in a series of Umami Barbecue recipes on our site. The secret to this recipe is the sauce. If you try this recipe you will have a hard time going back to regular pulled pork.
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Course: Main Course
Cuisine: American, Japanese
Keyword: fish sauce, imami barbecue, imami bbq, oulled pork, umami, umami pulled pork
Prep Time: 30 minutes
Cook Time: 4 hours
Servings: 8
Calories: 222kcal
Cost: 20


  • While we work on the Umami Sauce we can preheat the Camp Chef Woodwind Grill with Sidekick. We set the temperature to 300F.
  • Then set the smoke level to 7. So you know 10 is the highest you can set it to maximize smoke.
  • We keep the rub very simple. We use an SPG or Salt, Pepper and garlic rub. Our favorite one is Montreal Steak Seasoning that is SPG but with a little red pepper, onion, and paprika thrown in. We will use about 1 cup of rub.
  • Using a foil pan so we can have an easy clean up add the rub to every inch of the pork shoulder.
  • As I apply the rub I make sure that all sides are covered. The rub not only adds flavor but the salt draws out protein-rich juice that dries on the surface during cooking, creating a crisp,
    deeply seasoned crust.
  • Now before I take the butt out to the smoker I need to find where the blade bone is.
    I need to make sure that I put the temperature probe on the other side so the probe will not make contact with the bone. Now it is off to the smoker.
  • Here the woodwind grill and as you can see it has the sidekick option. That side burner is going to allow us to prepare everything on this grill. No need to do any cooking in the kitchen. Here I place the roast fat cap down and then insert the temperature probe opposite of the blade bone. So while the pork shoulder is cooking it is time to prepare the umami sauce.
  • Here are the five ingredients. Each one is loaded with Glutamates and should take our pork shoulder over the top.
  • We start with ¼ cup of Worcestershire sauce. This sauce is made with fermented anchovies and is full of glutamates or Umami.
  • Now we add ½ a cup of balsamic vinegar.
  • Then we add a ¼ cup of tamari sauce.
  • Now a ¼ cup of fish sauce. Don’t worry it is not fishy.
  • Finally a can of diced tomatoes. 20 to 28 oz can.
  • Now mix it all up. Now we have to wait until the pork reaches 160F so we can add this sauce.
  • It took 3 hours and 10 minutes to bring this roast up to 161 from a very cold 44 degrees.
    Now we move the roast to a foil pan and then add our special umami sauce.
  • With the sauce added we need to seal the foil with heavy-duty foil and we need the pan to be airtight. At this time we are actually brazing the roast in the umami sauce. We now come to the final part where we add even more umami but we are also going to add texture that will complement the pork.
  • One large sweet onion and shitake mushrooms. We want the onion to be diced but rather large pieces so that they can hold up to the pork. You could use any large onion but I like the sweet ones for we are adding no sugar to this pulled pork.
  • These onion pieces might look large but they will cook down and will be about half this size when done. So why onions? When slow cooked they give off a lot of free glutamates making just about everything they touch taste better.
  • Now my favorite ingredient for this pulled pork. Shitake mushrooms are king in the world of umami. I bought these frozen and already sliced. All I had to do was put them in the bowl with the onions. Before we can go cook these mushrooms and onions we need to salt them.
    By salting the mushrooms before cooking will help draw out moisture allowing them to cook firm and not become rubbery.
  • Here is the cooking set up. Using a 12 inch Camp Chef cast iron skillet and set the burner to medium. I monitor the skillet temperature for I want to cook the mushrooms and onions slow enough so they will not burn or have the butter burn. When outside and it is windy and cold it is hard to know how hot the skillet is. I add the butter when the skillet hits 180F. We want to cook the onions and mushrooms but we do not want to overcook or burn them.
  • Time to put the onions and mushrooms on the grill box. One thing I really liked about the grill box is I can lower the cover over the skillet and get the food out of wind. Actually, felt I could cook about anything on this grill box. At 30,000 BTUs you could easily sear steaks but you could saute onions and mushrooms without overcooking them..
  • Well back to the cook. We now take our cooked onions and mushrooms and add them directly to the pork shoulder. Also, I highly recommend some BBQ gloves like these BBQ Dragon extreme temperature gloves. Best extreme temperature gloves I have ever used.
    After transferring the onions and mushrooms leave the foil pan uncovered and then wait till the internal temp hits 195F.
  • Now it is time to pull and let the roast rest for about 15 minutes. Now get another clean foil pan and then transfer the pork should to the new pan. I use a spatula but you can use a slotted spoon and transfer all the onions and mushroom over to the new pan.
  • Now let the shredding begin. I start with the bear claws and brak it into 4 or 5 large pieces. Then I remove the blade bone. Should come out clean with no meat sticking to it. I then use 2 forks and then I put the gloves on and shed it by hand. After shredding I then mix it all together so that the onions and mushrooms are all intertwine with the pork
  • First, you notice how moist it is. Second, you see the bark and the great smoke ring.
    But the most important is how does it taste. I took a small piece with some bark on it and gave it a try. Om my god. The best I have even made and the best I have ever eaten.
    In review, Umami Barbecue is for real and will take your barbecue to the next level.



Serving: 84g | Calories: 222kcal | Carbohydrates: 1g | Protein: 20g | Fat: 15g | Saturated Fat: 6g | Sodium: 670mg
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