Secret Recipe for Disney Turkey Legs – Keto – LCHF

Turkey Leg with Corn
Turkey Leg with Corn

Secret Recipe for Disney Turkey Legs - Keto - LCHF

Secret Recipe for Disney Turkey Legs. If you go to Disneyland or Disney World and go to Frontierland you will find a long line where they sell turkey legs. There are actually people that only go to the Magic Kingdom for the turkey legs. This is a simple recipe but does take 24 hours to properly cure the turkey drumsticks before cooking.
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CourseMain Course
Keyworddisney turkey leg
Prep Time1 hour
Cook Time1 hour
Total Time2 hours


Ingredients - This is for 4 Turkey legs. Please adjust based on the number of turkey legs you need to cook.


Make Marinate

  • In a container add two cups of distilled water with kosher salt, Prague powder, and dark brown sugar. Stir till fully dissolved. Place two turkey legs into each 1 gallon Ziploc bag and then add one cup of marinating to each bag. Remove air from the bag by folding bad around turkey leg. Put both bags into a large just in case the bags leak and put into the refrigerator for 24 hours.

Prepare for Grill or Smoker

  • Remove turkey legs from bags and wash ALL of marinating off of turkey legs. This is very important due to getting all of the Prague powder off the skin. Using a paper towel pat dry the turkey legs. Spray the turkey legs with cooking oil so rub can stick to the skin. Apply rub so every inch is covered. I usually do this in a casserole dish so clean up is easy. Preheat grill or smoker to 325F.

The Cook

  • Place turkey legs on the grill away from direct heat. That means using an indirect heat source like a smoke or on the grill away from the flame. Cook till turkey leg hit 175F internal temperature. Should take around an hour but always cook to temperature and not by time.
  • When done they will be very juicy and will have the color and texture of a perfectly cooked ham. Now you know why Disney sells 1.6 million turkey legs each year.



Calories: 1174kcal