BBQ Basics – What You Really Need To Know

Well, you would not surf without a surfboard or sky-drive without a parachute so it is going to be hard to Barbecue without the right equipment. Many start off with a cheap grill from Walmart (nothing against Walmart, I shop there weekly) and then wonder why their food comes out either raw, burnt to a crisp or both. Some of my first chicken thighs I cooked had skin that was so burnt it Continue reading “BBQ Basics – What You Really Need To Know”

BBQ Books


Books about Barbecue

Here are barbecue books we recommend if you want to master barbecue. If you want to make the perfect brisket, cupcake chicken thighs or just want to have a better understanding of barbecue basis these will get you there.

If you want to master Texas Barbecue, especially the brisket then Aaron Franklins meat smoking manifesto is a must have. You also cannot go wrong with any of the Myron Mixon books. If you are looking for an overall book to get started I highly recommend Steven Raichlen The Barbecue! Bible.

The Four Styles of BBQ in the United States

four styles of bbq

In the United States, there are four styles of BBQ. OK before you start sending me evil messages there are many others but most of the experts (and I am not one of them) talk about the four styles. Two are named after cities and two are named after states but all four represent a good portion of the Continue reading “The Four Styles of BBQ in the United States”